Don Michael Brown - Director of Photography

  • "...I believe Cinematography is always evolving. I like to get to the point-of-view of the story. Inspired Cinematography sometimes comes from obsessive research, or sometimes it just happens...from the gut. I like to be open to both. Properly mounting a story is the most important thing for me; not just pretty pictures...." - Don
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I am a NYC/LA based Director of Photography. I have been a professional filmmaker since 1997 and before that; I was a camera assistant for over 5 years. I've been generously educated and have worked with some of the most respected names in contemporary cinematography. I'm experienced in both film and digital/video formats and have worked on features, commercials, music videos and short film productions. I have established relationships with affordable/quality film processing and post-production/telecine facilities. In addition, I have contact with many qualified crew members to support most productions.

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